Every home is an investment

Your home is a lot more than just your castle, it is a vehicle for building wealth.

We have over 18 years experience in the real estate and investment space and understand that having the correct loan structure is just as important to building wealth as is selecting the right property. At Sandbox Finance we will utilise our experience to create a strategically sound loan structure and debt program to ensure you can get the maximum financial benefits from owning a property.

Are you a first home buyer?


You’re ready to buy your first home, how exciting! As a first time home buyer its important to recognise that this will not be the last home you buy. At some point in the future you are going to want to move into something bigger….or relocate to a better area…whatever the reason may be, it’s a fact that this is not likely to be the last property you ever buy. So in reality, you are not just buying your first home but also your first investment property!

Here at Sandbox Finance, not only will we find you the cheapest available home loan, we will also make sure that your loan is structured with the future in mind. Setting up the correct debt strategy at the start will minimise your costs and ensure you have the ability to purchase your next property as soon as possible.

Are you a first time investor?


Ready to become a property mogul? Good for you! We have spent many years in the investment property space and recognise the importance of having the correct loan structure when wanting to start and grow an investment property portfolio. We will discuss your future goals and plans and make sure your loan is strategically structured to allow you to grow your portfolio as fast as possible.

Are you adding to your property portfolio

Fantastic! We will schedule a time to meet with you via Zoom or on the phone and will do a deep dive into your investment strategy, goals for retirement and your loan structure. We have over 15 years of experience in the investment property space and understand the importance of setting up the correct loan structure to give you the ability to grow your portfolio as fast as possible.

Just thinking about buying a property?

Want to know what you can afford? We will analyse your financial position and provide advice on how much you can borrow and the most strategic way to do it….simple!


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